Monday, January 22, 2024

Cooptastic - The National Backyard Poultry Conference


My goodness, who knew there was such a thing? Haha! But of course! 

This national conference is dedicated to the art & science of raising backyard poultry, with a focus on education. I couldn't be happier to be a part of it. It's coordinated, facilitated, and hosted by the Alabama Cooperative Extension, designed specifically to cover information related owning and managing backyard flocks.

I will be speaking at a session on Saturday, and look forward to a great event! They will be covering some amazing topics for all skill levels, from beginning chicken keepers to advanced. You can check out their conference agenda and get more details at the link below.

What is Cooptastic?

"Cooptastic is made just for backyard flock poultry owners. It is open to all current or future backyard flock owners from across Alabama and the nation. At this conference, you will join your fellow feathered-friend enthusiasts to learn about the ins and outs of keeping chickens. 

At this event, poultry professionals will help you make those decisions by arming you with specific information designed for backyard flock owners."

When: March 15–16, 2024

Where: Alabama 4-H Center, 892 Four H Road Columbiana, AL 35051

 To register, click HERE. 



Monday, June 20, 2022

'Talking Backyard Chicken Classes on GoodDay Sacramento!

GoodDay Sacramento (31 KMAX and CBS 13)  is an upbeat, local news crew that knows how to have fun with their news! Their morning show is both entertaining and a good blend for our central valley - if you haven't already tuned in, you are missing out!

Reporter Lori Wallace (and camera man Scott!) met with me to do couple of live segments  about the backyard chicken classes happening in July. I am partnering with the City of Lodi - Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services to offer a series this summer for both beginners and intermediate chicken keepers (more details and links are below, if you scroll down). We talked about some basic chicken tips and summer care to help your backyard flock avoid heat stress - especially with the expected triple digit temperatures coming this  week. 

Here are the two segments available online!


Saturday, May 28, 2022

Backyard Chicken Keeping Classes! Partnering With The City of Lodi - Parks and Recreation


Wondering what it takes to raise chickens in your backyard? 

Im "eggcited" to share 😄 that a special series of classes will be available this summer! I am partnering with the City of Lodi and their Parks & Recreation to offer a total of four classes:


Backyard Chicken Keeping 101

This class is perfectly designed for those considering raising their own backyard chickens or those who would like a refresher on the basics. You’ll learn everything you need to know that first year, from choosing baby chicks and setting up a brooder to the move to the big coop and laying those very first eggs. We’ll talk about best practices and all the tips and tricks!

Dates: Tuesday, June 14th and Tuesday, June 21st - 6:30pm to 8pm
Hutchins Street Square 
Class fee: $110 ($55 per class) plus online/resident fee

Backyard Chicken Keeping 102

This extended class will cover common chicken aliments along with how to recognize health concerns in your flock. From what to keep in your Poultry First Aid Kit at home to keeping your chickens cool in the deathly summer heat, we’ll cover all of the common myths and best practices.
Dates: Tuesday, July 12th and Tuesday, July 19th - 6:30pm to 8pm
Hutchins Street Square 
Class fee: $110 ($55 per class) plus online/resident fee

Registration must be completed in advance - you can register online at:
101 Class Series (June):
102 Class Series (July): 
To review the full City of Lodi Activity Guide, visit:  

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Keep Those Chicken Cool!

Here in the central valley, we are gearing up for a whopping summer which includes many days of temps over 100 degrees! Here are some things you can do today that will help your chickens survive as the temps get hotter this summer:

  • DON'T WAIT....get the water bottles in the freezer so you'll be able to alternate (have one extra that is freezing while the other one is being used). Use the frozen bottles of water to give the chickens something cool to stay near when needed. Make sure your chickens have shade, and have a box fan ready to turn on to keep the air flowing (a timer works great).
  • DON'T FEED....hold back on the feed until either the late evening or early morning hours when its cooler. Avoid all scratch or corn when it's in the 90's or higher. Carbs create more body heat when digested, so help your feathered friends during the heat wave by staying away from the snacks.
  • COOL DRINKING a necessity. Change the water in your waterers frequently and use cool, fresh water with electrolytes or baking soda (1/4th cup per gallon) to help increase the blood pH "buffer" of your flock when they are at risk for heat stress.
  • WATCH....for signs of heat stress in your flock. They will naturally start moving less, drinking more, holding their wings from their body, and panting. A normal chicken's body temp runs around 106 degrees, and they do not have sweat glands - so when the air temps increase they have a tough time regulating their own body temp. Do what you can to help them keep cool using what I've suggested above - before their temps reach dangerous levels (if their core body temp reaches 115 degrees, they will likely die).                                                                                                                       

Here is a quick video with some tips!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Life & Leisure Magazine - February 25, 2021

Be sure to check out the spring Life & Leisure magazine published by the Lodi News Sentinel! 
Click on the link above to view it online. 
Many thanks to Kyla Cathey and Bea Ahbeck for putting together such a great article! 
We really enjoyed our photo session at Wilson Family Winery!


Sunday, December 27, 2020

Get Growing with Fred Hoffman - Links to the Podcasts!

I hope you were all able to tune-in on December 20th!

I buzzed into Barking Dog Studio, in the Abutilon Jungle - to talk winter care of chickens and bees. And, if you did listen might have heard that it was Farmer Fred's last live radio show! He is officially moving over to podcasting full-time, and I was honored to be his very last live guest on KFBK and KSTE radio. 

Be sure to follow Farmer Fred and his work via the podcasts going forward - you can find the interview he did with me on raising chicks and chick care, and there will likely be more in the future!  Visit and like his Facebook page for the latest news, and mention how much you loved the show!

To find the show from Dec. 20th, visit the radio station links above, or listen via the link here:

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Find me on the radio with Farmer Fred this Sunday, December 20th!

I will be swooping
into Barking Dog Studio with Farmer Fred Hoffman to talk winter care of chickens and bees this Sunday! Be sure to listen to the KFBK "Garden Show" and KSTE's "Get Growing" from 9am to 11am...this is a great opportunity to get your chicken and bee questions answered by yours truly.

Fred Hoffman, Lifetime Master Gardener, has two radio programs airing every Sunday:

The "KFBK Garden Show" on 1530-AM/93.1-FM KFBK in Sacramento, California (each Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Pacific Time) is followed by "Get Growing" on Talk 650 KSTE  (from 10 a.m. to Noon). At noon, it's the KSTE Farm Hour. You can listen to all the shows, live, via the and websites.

If you can't listen while it airs live or via internet streaming, be sure to check back here for the links to the podcasts! You can also find links to everything on Fred's web site, or on his Face Book page.