Poultry Shows

Many people are very surprised to hear that, just as there are dog shows (where pure-bred breeds of dogs are judged to a set of standards), they also have poultry shows where chickens are entered and judged in the same way!

During a poultry show, coops are typically set-up in buildings...it's not uncommon to find hundreds (or even thousands) of birds in one show. Judges make their way through the classes and breeds comparing birds to the "American Standard of Perfection", and ultimately a "Champion Row" is established. From there, they pick Best of Show and Reserve Best of show. It's very exciting, and typically takes one-to-two days to complete.

There are booths for those looking to purchase the latest and greatest chicken supplies, club tables if you are interested in specific breeds of poultry, and clusters of 4-Her's and FFA students as they compete in Showmanship. It's all neat to see - and poultry shows happen all over the world!

To learn more about the standards of pure bred poultry, visit the APA and ABA web sites.

'Keen on learning more about showing poultry, and perhaps checking out a show in-person? Here is a list of some "local" shows (for the 2017 season) held across the west coast, thanks to Chris Tamayo and CS Bantams:

Link: Western Poultry Show Schedule, 2017

Link: Western Poultry Show Schedule, 2018


Some of our favorite poultry shows are:

January -  Hollister, CA
Gold Coast Poultry Fanciers
San Benito County Fairgrounds - Baldo Park

January or early February - Modesto, CA
Modesto Junior College
Pacific Poultry Breeders Association

February - Fresno, CA (Big Fresno Fairgrounds)
Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers

April - Red Bluff, CA
Tehama County Fairgrounds
Nor-Cal Poultry Association

If you need contact information for any of the shows listed above, feel free to contact me for more information or a copy of the show list:   chickensforeggs@gmail.com 

You can also visit CS Bantams for a PDF of the updated show schedule, as well as many entry booklets and information. Tell him you found his site through Chickens For Eggs!