"We're very impressed with your consulting service. You gave great advice and the thing we loved most about you was that your advice was "practical advice". 
You are awesome!!!! I will recommend you to any of my chicken geek friends".               
                                            - Melody & Robb, California

It can be tough to find quality people to care for your chickens and in-trust them with the birds you value most. I pride myself on not only going above and beyond, but by offering my very best to each and every chicken!

  • As a certified PHI (Poultry Health Inspector) I am trained by the University of California (UC) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).
 Poultry Health Inspectors (PHIs) are trained and certified by the University of California (UC) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).  The activities of the PHIs prevent disease spread, educate fanciers about health maintenance, and promote the poultry fancy by insuring that California Fairs and Exposition (F&E) visitors see healthy birds in good condition. Dedicated PHIs and conscientious poultry fanciers have partnered with the UC and CDFA to improve biosecurity at F&E shows and protect the health of all poultry in California.

To learn more about this designation and see a current list of PHI's, visit:

I am a member of several poultry organizations, including:                                                  
        • The American Poultry Association
        • The American Bantam Association
        • 4-H Youth Development Program (Leader & Key Leader)
        • The Polish Breeder's Club

I am experienced in solving various issues regarding poultry including disease control, biosecurity, parasites, predator control, treating injuries, administering medications (as well as alternative medications), and vaccinations. While I am not a licensed Veterinarian (DVM), I do provide referrals to an Avian Vet in our area. In addition, I have a knowledgeable circle of poultry experts I go to (as resources) when ever in doubt!

More Services/Story Highlights:

The Bockmon Family

"Hi Cherie, thanks for taking such good care of our home while we were away:) We were able to relax knowing our animals, etc. were in good hands!"

I had the pleasure of chicken (and pet) sitting for the Bockmons while they were on a trip for 11 days. They have several backyard laying hens as well as some show birds (Dutch) that needed daily care (and some occasional monitoring to make sure the neighbor's dog wasn't chasing them as he's done in the past). 

Their own three doggies kept me company while I did the feeding rounds, and while I know they missed their owners - they enjoyed the belly rubs and treats each time I came over :-)

I also cared for their cat Mittens, who is diabetic - he needs insullin shots twice a day, along with fresh canned food which seems to help keep his blood sugar under control.
He couldn't get enough ear scratches! haha.

Thank you Bockmon family, for allowing me to care for your brood while you were away!