Chickens for Eggs is a consulting service for people interested in becoming owners of backyard chickens, as well as providers of specialized poultry care while you are away from home. Whether you are new to chickens or a seasoned flock owner, we can assist you with....

  • Choosing particular breeds of chickens that match your intended purpose (such as laying hens for eggs, rare breeds for a colorful flock, or pure-bred poultry for exhibition)

  • Coop set-up and design, as well as best space options and functionality

  • Feed and supplement recommendations

  • Identifying common poultry illnesses and causes, as well as possible treatment (including referral to an Avian Veterinarian)

  • The care of chicks and adult birds

  • "Best Practices" when it comes to coop bio security and sanitation

  • Poultry behavior and personalities

  • Predator protection recommendations

  • Emergency "911" chicken situations

  • And so much more!

No matter what your poultry need, I offer consultation services by phone, email, or in person (where available in the San Joaquin & Sacramento Valley/Gold Country/Foothills/Delta region).
Rates can be quoted by the hour, by type of consultation, or by the add-on. There is even a package that "has it all" - from a New Flock Pre-Assessment to Chicken 911 House Calls. It's more affordable than you think it might be!
Contact me today for more information on rates and what we can provide. We are here to help and make your life easier and your chickens happier!

 A Chicken Consultation is an awesome gift for just about anyone
expecting to get chickens!

Types of Consultations available:

Initial Phone/Email Consultation
Typically a first time (15-minute) conversation about what kind of information or consultation you are interested in, and how I can be of service to your future (or current) flock. Rate: Free

New Flock Pre-Assessment Consultation
Perfect for someone who is exploring the idea of raising chickens or has decided to "go for it" and needs to know what the next step should be! This consultation provides an aassessment of space and the coop plan, as well as provides information on care and keeping of your future chickens.

Chicks & Care Consultation
With a visit to help your new baby chicks get off to a healthy start, I will give advice and/or assistance with setting up your brooder box as well as provide information on feeding, watering, and general care of chicks.

Brooder to Coop Consultation
Help with transitioning your young chickens into their new coop, as well as information on feeding, watering, egg laying, general care, and common illnesses.

Hen Assessment
This evaluation of your hens and their laying environment will include advice on how to increase production, feeding, watering, egg laying, egg and laying hen care, and provide valuable information on common illnesses effecting egg production.

Chicken Emergency 911 House-Call
A visit to assess a sick bird, research to determine possible causes of illness, and suggestions for bird care to address the illness if possible (may include referral for avian veterinary medicine). For an additional fee, I will take your bird to the nearest diagnostic lab (UC Davis or Turlock) for you, where they will determine the cause of death and provide a detailed report on their findings.

Predator & Protection Consultation
A visit that includes an assessment of your established coop and run, information on predator prevention and coop enhancement suggestions. 

"Chicken Finder" Service
Want a certain breed of chicken for your flock? Looking for a specific type or color but don't have the time to do all of the research? I can do all the work for you, and purchase the bird you are searching for. From placing free want ads to reading poultry newsletters and contacting breeders, I will find and buy the bird on your behalf.

Chickens for Eggs Exclusive Package
This is for those who want it all, from start to finish! It includes the New Flock Pre-Assessment, Chicks and Care, a choice of one between Brooder to Coop and Predator & Protection consultations, 30 minutes of consultation by phone, and one Chicken 911 house call.

Add-on services available for procurement of supplies for your chickens, presentations to groups, and more!

For rates, please send an email with your contact information to