Chicken Sitting

  • Going on vacation and not sure who can REALLY take care of the chickens while you're gone? 
  • Leaving town for a quick trip and expecting eggs to hatch that same weekend?
  • You've been handed a sudden project you need to work on, and you won't have time to tend to your flock for a few days?
  • With a new baby arriving, do you need some help with the backyard chickens?
No matter what your situation, we have the flock-perfect solution!

Many people use house and pet sitters for their every day animals like cats and dogs - some people will even find a kennel or resort to help take care of their furry friends while they're gone. But what about the chickens? Will your back yard birds really be "ok"?

The average pet/house sitter might be knowledgable about watering plants and feeding your dog, but might not know how to take good care of your flock....and they probably won't have a clue what to do if something goes wrong.

Consider hiring a Chicken Sitter who can:

....Let your flock out of the coop in the morning to free-range and come back in the evening to put them back in, safe and sound for the night.
....Watch for signs of predators and coop break-ins (and provide temporary repairs if something has gotten in).
....Care for your birds like you would, making sure they have clean, fresh water and feed, as well as gathering eggs so they won't go bad.
....Assist with your flock's needs if the weather dramatically changes (here in the valley it can get above 100 degrees in the summer and flood with rain in the winter).
....Tend to your chicks and young birds, as well as manage your incubator and hatching eggs (no need to plan vacations around your hatching schedule!).
....Send text message alerts to let you know how things are doing.
....Provide for your other animals at the same time (for an additional rate).
....Use biosecure methods when coming into/out of your coops.

For a personal quote, please feel free to contact me! Send an email to along with your name, phone number, and any details you would like to provide. Rates are based on how often I come out to your home or farm, the number of chickens, and where you are located (as low as $15 per day). I am more than happy to provide chicken sitting services in rural areas and in city limits (such as Lodi, Linden, Clements, Valley Springs, Elk Grove, Rio Vista, Manteca, and more).

Please read about my references and chicken sitting stories under the "References" tab!