Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Day Sacramento!

Last year we held a Raising Chickens 101 class at the local library and got the "Delta Backyard Poultry Meetup" group started. Word was spreading about both and several people I hadn't seen in years came to the class, including a woman I had met the year prior. We never discussed chickens back then (not that I can remember) so it was neat to see her and discover we both had a passion for raising poultry! She joined the meetup group and officially caught the "chicken" bug.

C.R. (a licensed Esthetician and makeup artist) and her family are fans of the Good Day Sacramento CBS morning television show, and had entered a contest to win a large coop, complete with several laying hens. The show told her that one of the reasons she won was because she belonged to a "chicken support group"! She was unbelievably excited. The hens and coop were delivered on live TV to her home - it was pretty cool!

We ended up adopting two of C.R.'s laying hens, ones that were a little too "clucky" for an urban area. They have been doing well, and lay great eggs! The Leghorn produces a large white egg, and the Black Sex Link has a nice brown egg. In the meantime, she gave Good Day Sacramento my contact information and (being a very supportive news team of the backyard chicken movement) they got in touch with me to work on another chicken segment.

You can watch us online, this Sunday morning during the 9am hour! They will be filming us in front of our poultry group's sponsor, Robinson's Feed and Western Supply on Victor Road in Lodi. Or better yet, you can come out and see it in person!

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