Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Chickens for Eggs is a consulting service for people interested in becoming owners of backyard chickens, as well as providers of specialized poultry care while you are away from home. Whether you are new to chickens or a seasoned flock owner, we can assist you with....

  • Choosing particular breeds of chickens that match your intended purpose (such as laying hens for eggs, rare breeds for a colorful flock, or pure-bred poultry for exhibition)
  • Coop set-up and design, as well as best space options and functionality
  • Feed and supplement recommendations
  • Identifying common poultry illnesses and causes, as well as possible treatment (including referral to an Avian Veterinarian)
  • The care of chicks and adult birds
  • "Best Practices" when it comes to coop bio security and sanitation
  • Poultry behavior and personalities
  • Predator protection recommendations
  • Emergency "911" chicken situations
  • And so much more!

No matter what your poultry need, we offer consultation services by phone, email, or in person (where available in the San Joaquin & Sacramento Valley/Gold Country/Foothills/Delta region). Contact us today for more information on rates and what we can provide - email us at chickensforeggs@gmail.com

"We're very impressed with your consulting service. You gave great advice and the thing we loved most about you was that your advice was "practical advice". You are awesome!!!!
I will recommend you to any of my chicken geek friends" - Melody & Robb

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