Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finding Chickens in British Columbia, Canada

We recently returned from a family adventure in Canada! We took a road trip up to Vancouver Island and made stops along the way to see the sights. Naturally, looking for "anything chicken" meant keeping our eyes peeled for our feathered friends.

Along our way through Washington, one of the stops included the Museum of Flight in Seattle. What a great collection of planes and history!

Who could resist a plane called "Wyandotts"?

Once in Victoria, B.C., we made a visit to the world famous "Miniature World" on Humboldt Street. The building is filled with miniature displays (filled with replicas of just about everything you can imagine).

A farm....see the chickens at the top and to the left?

In Duncan we went to the Cowichan Valley Museum; I loved their artwork and cultural totem poles! This was a design of a hummingbird (I love hummingbirds).

Also in Duncan, we visited the Pacific Northwest Raptor Centre and saw some incredible birds! Here is Emily, our Raptor Presenter during the flight demonstration.

Emily with a Bald Eagle.

A barn owl swooping in.

Back in Victoria, we spotted a food truck called the "Hungry Rooster". 

A food truck in downtown Victoria, near the harbor.

Admittedly, the chickens were scarce on our trip, until the very end......
In Washington.

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